Under the slogan SHARE, HELP, MINISTER, our association (CBMA) has soared to unprecedented heights. Summing up the vision-mission statement and paradigm thrust, the slogan captured the ideas, needs, aspirations, of pastors through the process of consultation and participatory planning.

cbma 2007

The formulation was a by-product of the members ideas and participation, as well as the tedious processes undertaken by the officers and members of the board. Using participatory approach, consultations were conducted at the grassroots. Board meetings were expanded to include provincial presidents.

These were supplemented by informal ones like regular Kape-kape@CPU, extension classes in provincial centers, and intentionally soliciting member’s opinion/suggestion. The collective wisdom of senior ministers was maximized by creating Council of Elders to assist in major organizational changes.

Subsequently, the vision- mission statement was accepted and collectively owned by members. My role, at that time, was to arrange, integrate and consolidate the output for easy recall and identification. A skill I had developed from my gambling experiences in arranging/organizing cards, numbers and mahjong tiles.


Having laid the paradigm framework under MINISTER, our association has a clear direction of activities. Members’ organizational consciousness was raised. Annual assembly was no longer taken merely as time for fellowship but for planning and making major decisions affecting the lives of pastors. Hence, many perennial questions or issues were resolved e.g. Code of Ethics, Ministerial vestment/Stola and pastoral identity. As such, God blessed our collective effort with considerable results. Some were not necessarily new but the realization of what our predecessors started.

Ministerial identity. Finalization of Code of Ethics, ministerial vestment, and resolving the perennial debate on pastoral identity of those engage in other endeavors, apart from church work.

Institute. The revival of  the CBMA Institute  opened extension classes in provincial centers for Masteral studies to upgrade the Pastors’ education and updating skills and specialization. These were synchronized with existing initiatives of Institute for Advanced Theological Studies.

Networking . We have strengthened relationship with the Convention -related organizations & institutions, as well as government and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Integrated services . Initiatives toward the delivery of integrated services through medical mission every assembly and advocate for provision of health and welfare benefits for pastors. The PADAYON Fund for Pastors project is an offshoot.

Spirituality. Advocacy in changing the mindset in understanding both the personal and social/communal aspects of spirituality as manifested in service to God through community and environment.

Team Work.  Streamlining of the national structure with provincial associations was done for proper coordination and synchronization of the activities of chapters with the national direction. The CPBC UNITES (Unified Theological Education System) was conceptualized and implemented.



Resource Management/Mobilization

Activities for the last two thrusts  involved construction of KATIPAN Hall and establishing of canteen at the Camp Higher Ground, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. The association   also designated a full time pastor to help manage the Camp. Just as it made a commitment to hold annual assemblies at the venue in order to encourage other organizations. Thus, reclaiming the Camp as icon of spirituality, serenity and renewal.


About edwin lariza

University Professor. Registered Social Worker. Ordained Minister. Advocate of volunteerism, spirituality and networking for holistic development.
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